About us

In 1989, ERS Tenten produced its first tent, in a colonial style and measuring 12 metres by 4. Since then, the Crynen family has acquired complete mastery of its profession and ERS Tenten has well and truly earned its stripes with a public particularly demanding when it comes to quality and service.

Currently run by son Raf, the company has been rechristened ERS Tenten, a modern name which highlights the firm’s specialities perfectly and will serve as a signature for the future.

At ERS Tenten, quality prevails over quantity. We are always closely involved in the preparations for our clients’ events, playing the role of trusted partner.

ERS Tenten: a name synonymous with professionalism and quality

Professionalism and quality constitute the key words behind ERS Tenten’s success. Due to our many years of experience, we know better than anyone how to place a property in the spotlight. Installing a tent or marquee involves a great deal of work. First and foremost, the property needs to be studies and the options discussed with the client. It’s vital to review each detail, from the location of areas of shade to the electrical hook-ups. That’s why, in most cases, we conduct multiple site visits in order to be able to guarantee an optimised installation.

ERS Tenten does its utmost to ensure impeccable results. In order to maximise the benefit of our expertise for your guests, we guarantee a perfect finish, right down to the smallest detail. We offer an ideal solution for family festivities, sports tournaments, fairs and exhibitions alike.

What’s our target for each project? To create a mind-blowing effect!